On this site : in the past I didn't spend too much time on the site, because I was too busy writing. That's changing slowly now. It will also be English-only soon. Some things in Dutch will be published on www.fotografie.nl though, like this first small test of the D3200.

Stay tuned: I keep publishing new tests of the D800 and D600, so follow @dredeman on Twitter

D800E vs D800

VR and high shutter speeds with D800

D600: everything you need from the D800?

d600 moireD600 enlarged to 36 MP

The resolution is approx. the amount of lines per mm, but not exactly since I didn't make those test in my studio. Both picture have been processed in Nikon Capture NX2 from RAW, without moiré filtering and with standard settings.

D800E mouireD800E

The test cards do have a lower contrast then the ones I normally use, to make them less sensitive to moiré. As you can see, both camera's produce very crispy images (relatively crisper than the D800) without extra sharpening.






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