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So far so good. Now for the bad thing.

Nikon hasn’t been exactly very open on this. Of course this is a cardinal sin in PR in the internet age.

Since Nikon hasn’t been open, we also don’t know the reasons for them being not open. Maybe they want to avoid the situation where the service centres will be flooded with cameras of people that don’t need help. The second reason might very well be the Japanese management mentality. Japanese companies are often very hierarchical and heavily influenced by the notion of honour. In short: combine honour and hierarchy and a problem and the result is stagnation and silence.

The third reason why Nikon hasn’t been open is probably that there are dozens of people who are just waiting for information like this, trolls and people who are always looking for traffic and publicity.

What does it mean for you? >>>

D800-blues (2)
Can’t help it, but here is another issue where I have to oppose against colleague journalists writing about Nikon. In this case, some advise people not to buy a D800 until the issue with the outer focus points has been resolved.

Is there an issue? Well, that depends. If you buy a D800 now, it’s quite unlikely. If you don’t own a fast wide angle (24mm or less) it’s unprobable you’ll have an issue even if you bought one of the first camera’s. Some camera’s in the early production however do have a problem. They have not been calibrated well so – mostly – the outer left focus point causes the camera not to focus well with fast wide angles, like the 24/1.4 or the 14-24/2.8 @ 14mm and f/2.8.

Has the issue not been resolved? Well, in fact to my knowledge it has.  It’s not a hardware problem and neither is it a problem for which Nikon has no solution. It’s not in any way like the problems Canon had. If you have a camera that exhibits the issue and can show some pictorial evidence your camera will be recalibrated by any Nikon service point.

Picture data: 1/500s f/8 14-24/2.8 @ 20mm. no polarising filter.
In most wide angle pictures, it doesn't make much sense to not use the centre AF-point.




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