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In the next days more about moire, diffraction, noise, sharpening, the right lenses et cetera, now a simple resolution test. On the right we see the 100% crops from pictures made with the 50 mm 1.4G at /6.3 with the D800 and D800E. They have been processed and hence sharpened from RAW according to the standard settings in Nikon Capture NX, yet for the 800E with automatic moire correction. On the left you see the same pictures but now sharpened a second time in Photoshop. Note how the low contrast details in the wood is also much better with the D800E. The numbers you see, are line pairs / mm. The 800E reaches approx.100 lp/mm which is around half of the Nyquist frequency: processing with Capture NX gives the maximum resolution that is possible. (We'll have to wait for the final version of Adobe Camera Raw that supports the Nikon 800E to see whether Adobe is equally smart at demosaicing!)
Examples of how Nikon Capture NX2, CaptureOne and Adobe Camera RAW treat those RAW's you'll find in PART THREE >>>

Nikon D800 and D800E: which one suits you best (2)?

D800 standard
D800E standard

D800E NX standard plus sharpening in Photoshop CS6

D800E NX standard >>

D800 NX standard >>

D800 NX standard plus sharpening in Photoshop CS6




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