Amsterdam rainy night

The D7000 is a great camera but even if it is better at high ISO's than the D300s, it still can't match the D700 at this point, not even when the latter is used at DX.

This picture: D700, ISO 12.800, 14-24/2.8 @ 15 mm (slight crop), 1/60 sek f/2.8, RAW processed in Adobe Photoshop (which is better than Nikon Capture NX2 in low light situations and with deep shadows. Nikon Capture NX is better in many other situations - horses for courses.)

The picture was made as an example of a night shot for two books. In fact I had made a picture of the Eiffel tower for this purpose already, but the French seem to think that couple of bulbs is a work of art.

In other words, it's not allowed to publish a picture of the Eiffel tower made at night- unless you pay them :). I'll publish it in one of my next blogs but as a negative, with the lights out, as a protest. You'll understand that next time I want to make pictures of a big city, I'll choose a town where they don't claim they invented liberty, but at least practise it.




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