meisjes van vermeer

Girls with pearls

Vrienden van de Hofvijver organised together with the public library of The Hague a Girl with the pearl contest. More about that you’ll find here.

Before the actual event started I made this picture. I underexposed slightly to give the background just enough detail, knowing I could make the shadows lighter later. I waited for the moment where the girls all looked more or less like the Vermeer girl and pushed the button. Picture data: FX, 1/40s f/5,6, A, -0,66, 35 mm f/2.0 Ais (cf. 24 mm DX, 13 mm Nikon 1). Picture was processed from RAW with Nikon Capture NX2.

Backlight plus careful processing plus 35mm plus the subject makes it look like a painting.
Is it kitsch to make a picture look like a painting? Yes, if it’s just a bad copy. No, if the painting is used as a reference, as a citation and or an extra layer, a variation on a theme. In that case the painting gives extra meaning to your picture.
The winner by the way, is not on this picture.

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