Here it starts, on the ferry to Amsterdam Central Station

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This year I decided to go to Amsterdam for Koninginnedag. Now you should know that on that day this is the crowdiest place in the world probably, the amount of inhabitants quadruple. Not much space for large lenses and a big camera bag. Since I also like to drink on that occasion – it’s impolite not to toast to our Queen – I thought it would be wise to bring only one body and one lens. I chose a D700 and a fisheye. Maybe it doesn’t give the most realistic vision, but it is the lens of choice if you want to portrait everything that is happening in a crowded place. I ended up with no picture at all that I’m completely happy with, but I am happy with the experiment and somewhat with the reportage as such. Well, judge for yourself. Focussing was easy: I used an old manual focus lens (Nikkor Ai 16/2.8) and used it mostly like a fixed focus lens. Aperture was f/11 all the time and some backlit picture have been corrected in their exposure, between -0,3 and -1,6. Like always I shot RAW. RAW-processing by Capture NX2 and one (!) pictures has been retouched (flare) and all have been resized in Photoshop CS6 in batch. MORE PICS>>




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